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Whatever you need to do, SCH has a trailer for the job. Whether you're moving hay and feed for animals, shifting logs, moving leaves or other debris, mucking out the stables - all jobs are made easier with SCH.

ATV Trailer - GATV

Designed to tow mainly behind all terrain vehicles, the GATV trailer can also be used with compact and large garden tractors. It has a hinged tailgate and mudguards run the whole length of the trailer to give extra carrying capacity.

General Purpose ATV Trailer - GPATV

A general purpose 'off-road' trailer, the GPATV is for use behind quad bikes, ATV's etc. Wide wheels help to prevent wheel lines in turf and give the trailer good flotation over unfriendly ground.  A ramp tailgate is incorporated and the trailer is supplied with fixed high mesh sides, ideal for carrying animals or bulky loads, straw, leaves, grass cuttings, logs etc.  The trailer is fitted with a 50mm ball hitch and the floor and solid sides are of high quality phenol ply.

Plastic Bodied Trailer Wide Profile Wheels - QPTP

Fitted with ball hitch as standard, this plastic bodied tipping trailer runs on wide profile wheels (20.10 x 8) mounted on ball bearing hubs. When operating in soft ground conditions or across unfriendly terrain these specially mounted wide wheels are a must. The underside of the rot proof trailer body is well supported by the sturdy metal chassis. To assist in manoeuvring the trailer when used away from the towing vehicle a manual handle is fitted as standard. 

Galvanised Tipping Dump Trailer - Flotation Wheels - QDT

This metal bodied tipping trailer is fitted with flotation wheels (wide profile 20/10 x 8 pneumatic wheels with bearings) and a 50mm ball hitch. The tipping mechanism has positive spring bolt action and optional 12" extension sides may be fitted to the trailer.

Large Capacity Galvanised Tipping Dump Trailer - Flotation Wheels - QDGT

The trailer is fitted with wide profile 20/10 x 8 pneumatic flotation wheels with ball bearings and a 50mm ball hitch. Easier reversing with the extended tow bar and the hand handle has been removed to prevent fouling the rear of the ATV.

Timber Hauler Trailer - THT

The timber hauler can be used behind an ATV, tractor or a 4x4 and is an ideal tool to haul around wood etc, from wooded areas. The hauler can be used on soft ground thanks to the four flotation wheels with wide profiles plus guards over the wheels prevent brush wood from getting tangled in the wheels. A board can be placed on top of the chassis to convert it to a flat bed cargo carrying trailer if required . A  jack leg and a 50mm ball hitch are fitted as standard.

Fenn Trailer - TCT

The Fenn Trailer has been especially designed for the purpose of animal retrieval by gamekeepers and ghillies . The trailer is both strong and light, and very easy to clean down thanks to the mesh chassis. Transport over uneven or boggy ground is possible with its low profile low ground pressure wheels. As an optional extra the chassis/mesh may be galvanised and other sizes and specifications can be built as required.

Loading Ramp for GATV Trailer - GATVLR

A loading ramp for the GATV Trailer.

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