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Air-Cooled Gas

100V Series

Combining powerful performance with a compact design ideal for tight quarters mowing plus easy transport on trailers and limited storage space, the 100V series is the perfect introduction to Grasshopper comfort, quality and durability.

Air-cooled Gas

200V Series

Designed to reduce running costs and maintenance time with best-in-class transmission fluid change intervals after the 100-hour break-in period. With an integrated cooling fan and featuring 1-3/8-inch axles, the heavy-duty, self-contained commercial transaxles allow for a longer service life.  You'll also enjoy the powerful, smooth response from the G4 Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transmissions.

Air-cooled Gas

200 Series

The perfect introduction to Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ performance, the 200 series is designed for powerful, reliable and economical operation along with a smaller footprint ideal for tight quarters mowing.

Liquid-Cooled Diesel

300 Series

The 300 series delivers ample power to handle any job, along with the efficiency, fuel economy and low maintenance you need to reduce costs and maximise your profitability.

Liquid-Cooled Diesel

400 Series

Balancing brute strength with a compact design, the 400 series offers powerful performance that makes quick work of even the toughest jobs, to deliver the picture-perfect cut.

Air-Cooled Gas

500V Series

The 500 series is an ideal FrontMount™ solution for home or business use, offering power, reliability and economical performance to get the job done.

Air-Cooled Gas

600 Series

The FrontMount™ 600 series offers the power, reliability and economical performance needed to get the job done, making it the ideal solution for home or business use.

Liquid-Cooled Diesel

700 Series

The 700 series offers powerful performance for a wide range of grounds maintenance tasks, providing the speed, durability and versatility you need year-round.

Liquid-Cooled Diesel

900 Series

Delivering maximum power to meet the needs of commercial operators in virtually any conditions, along with the versatility to deliver reliable year-round performance, the 900 series is ideal for fleet operations.

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