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Petrol Mowers

Petrol engine mowers are more powerful than mains electric models, plus they aren’t restricted by a cable, making them perfect for larger garden spaces.  They are highly manoeuvrable so you can create an excellent finish on all types of lawn.  The range contains a combination of self-propelled and push lawnmowers.

Roller Lawnmowers

If you're after the highly desirable striped finish to your lawn, roller lawnmowers are the perfect solution. There is a choice of hand-propelled and self-propelled roller mowers to suit your needs.

Battery & Electric Lawnmowers

With a wide range of cordless mowers, either self or hand-propelled, most run on battery power allowing you approximately 1 hour of mowing in a single charge. However a selection of our lawnmowers are sold with two batteries so you can easily get up to 2 hours of mowing, perfect for those who have a large lawn area to cut.

Renowned for being quiet, lightweight and very easy to use, the range of electric lawnmowers is best suited for smaller gardens with a power supply near the lawn. Built for smaller, less demanding lawn areas, they’re available solely in hand-propelled models. 

Classic Collection

The Mountfield Classic Collection is a range of petrol lawnmowers which offer lasting value and quality design.   The Classic range has entry level push lawnmowers right through to larger self propelled lawnmowers with an electric start; all are stylish, versatile and easy to use.

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