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Lawn Riders

Mountfield Lawn Riders are made to the highest quality, offering a convenient solution to cutting your garden by limiting the physical demand on you. Lawn riders are best suited to lawns around 0.5 to 0.75 of an acre. They come with both manual and hydrostatic (automatic) transmission options, dependent on your preference. The choice of manual lawn riders includes the 827M Compact Lawn Rider. The Mountfield automatic lawn rider includes the 827H Compact Lawn Rider and the 1328H Compact Lawn Rider, both have a smooth hydrostatic transmission, ideal for individuals used to driving automatic vehicles.

Collecting Lawn Tractors

Collecting lawn tractors are great for taking away the manual job of collecting your lawn cuttings by carefully collecting all cuttings as you go. You then have the option to add a mulching plug to create lawn fertiliser or alternatively, dispose of them. The Mountfield choice of Collecting Lawn Tractors for sale, are suitable for larger gardens from approximately 1 acre ranging up to 5 acres. We offer a small selection including our 1530M 84cm Lawn Tractor, 1538M 98cm Lawn Tractor and finally our 1530H 84cm Lawn Tractor.

Side Discharge Tractors

Mulching Lawnmowers, also known as Side Discharge Lawn Tractors, are the perfect addition for gardens from 2.5 acres and above. For individuals who may struggle when collecting the grass cuttings, these mulching tractors are the perfect solution for you. They can easily discharge the grass from the side of the tractor instead of collecting it, or mulch the cuttings where appropriate. This makes for a practical, worthy investment to help you easily maintain your garden space. Each product is made to the highest quality, built with you in mind. That way you get a mulching lawn tractor that works for you. Some of our most popular Side Discharge Mowers include the 2446H-SD 121cm Side Discharge Lawn Tractor and the 1543H-SD 108cm Side Discharge Lawn Tractor.

Ride-on Accessories

The Mountfield range of riding lawnmower accessories are manufactured to the highest quality, giving you long-lasting, trustworthy products to enhance your mowers. All Mountfield Ride On Lawnmowers have the option for a trailer hitch and more, making them great for far more than just cutting the grass.

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