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Hedge Trimmers

All of the Husqvarna hedge trimmers are ergonomically designed with effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, sparing your arms and hands, plus on the petrol hedge trimmers the engine position means exhaust fumes are diverted away from you.  Full adjustability makes our trimmers less tiring to work with, enabling you to cut the sides and top of your hedge and the extended cutter on the long reach pole hedge trimmer makes light work of the tallest hedges.

Grass Trimmers & Strimmers

Reliable strimmers with power and a multitude of uses, they are all easy and flexible to handle thanks to their smart features and low weight. And Husqvarna grass trimmers are designed to generate as little noise as possible – ideal if you live in residential areas.

Brush Cutters

Husqvarna Brushcutters are designed to get your job done effectively while being easy to carry and handle. There are many practical functions, accessories and brushcutter harnesses to choose from, making it simple to adjust them to your needs. Depending on which model you choose, a Husqvarna brush cutter can be very versatile as the efficient trimmer head ensures good results and you can easily adjust it by changing the type of blade, depending on the task. The magnetic locking pin holder, means you can switch blades in a quickly, safely, and easily.


No matter what forestry challenges you’re facing, a Husqvarna chainsaw will be your reliable partner. The range of petrol chainsaws, electric and battery chainsaws includes everything from heavy-duty professional chainsaws, to lightweight chainsaws for domestic use and chopping firewood, plus industrial chainsaws for felling and pruning.


Providing powerful assistance with its rapid acceleration, a lightweight pole saw from Husqvarna is easy to manoeuvre. A telescopic long reach chainsaw will help you to achieve the result you’re striving for - without the need to use a ladder or sky lift.

Top Handle Chainsaws

Specially designed for use by trained arborists working off the ground and in trees, Husqvarna offers both battery and petrol top handle chainsaws suitable for operation in a variety of challenging environments.

*Users of top handle chainsaws are required to show an appropriate certificate of competence before purchasing any arborist chainsaw.

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